The first and only production of polypropylene compound in Uzbekistan
High quality
advanced technologies

Uzbekistan in 2016 will start producing of POLYPROPYLENE


Uzbekistan in 2016 will make the first 66 thousand tons of polypropylene. In 2019, production of promising POLYMER reach its design capacity - 83 thousand tons. These parameters are defined program of measures to ensure that structural reforms, modernization and diversification of production in the years 2015-2019. One of the priorities of the program - expanding the range of products with high added value in oil and gas and petrochemical industries on the basis of deep processing of natural gas and gas condensate. As already reported, in 2015 to be put on a logical point of large industrial facilities - Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex on the field Surgil being built in Karakalpakstan with a consortium of South Korean companies. There will be 3.8 bln. Cubic meters of marketable gas, 387 thousand. Tons of polyethylene, 83 thous. Tons of polypropylene. The new facility, according to analysts, will significantly change the structure of the oil and gas industry, increasing the share of processing industries. According to international news agencies, demand for polypropylene - the second most abundant polymer in the world - growing by 4-6%. According to analysts, in 2015, global consumption of polypropylene exceeds 60 million. Tons. Production is rapidly shifting towards Asia and the Middle East. The bulk of the projects focused on the needs of China, which is expanding its own production. Polymeric materials, which may include polypropylene, are widely used and provide effective economic development and improve the competitiveness of products in the industry, consumers through the replacement of expensive materials, reducing material consumption, the formation of advanced technologies for processing materials, creating new generations of technology. Polypropylene has penetrated into all the dominant industries: electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive, instrumentation, transportation, construction and many others. Source: