The first and only production of polypropylene compound in Uzbekistan
High quality
advanced technologies



- Presence of production base 

- Use of quality raw materials 

- The possibility of small-scale and large-scale production 

- Availability of quality passports and certificates for all manufactured products 

- Stable quality of the products 

- Manufacture of products for the automotive industry, household appliances and construction sector 


JV «AVTOSANOAT-CEPLA» LLC testing Laboratory has appropriate material and technical base, the necessary regulatory, organizational and methodical documentation and all necessary equipment for physical and chemical testing of polymeric materials for compliance with the requirements of ND, State Standard, ASTM, ISO, EDS и GMW.

                            The certificate ISO / IEC 17025: 2007 accreditation for technical competence:


                                                                                       Determined characteristics:

                 Ash content                       Density                                                Shrinkage of the sample



           Izod impact strength                                Melt Flow Index                             Determination of color stability

       Charpy impact strength            The volumetric flow rate of the melt                   Determination of color



           Flexural, Tensile Modulus               The composition of the polymer                       Thermomechanical Analysis

                Tensile elongation



Study of physical and chemical processes in polymeric                                 Determination of Vicat softening temperature

  materials in a wide range of operating temperatures

High qualification of specialists in the field of testing, modern computerized equipment from leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment, modern methods of processing the results of the experiment - all this allows us to obtain reliable and complete results in the following areas:

  • Physical and mechanical testing of polymeric materials.
  • Incoming inspection of raw materials.
  • Tests to determine the physical properties.
  • Determination of thermal properties.
  • Climate accelerated testing in various heat-humidity conditions.
  • Monitoring performance of products during production.

Modern research laboratory JV '' AVTOSANOAT-CEPLA ", allows you to develop tailor-made products and process standard orders of any size, as well as third-party organizations to conduct laboratory services.