The first and only production of polypropylene compound in Uzbekistan
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About Us

JV «AVTOSANOAT-CEPLA» LLC is the first and single industrial enterprise in Uzbekistan engaged in producing of the composite materials based on polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyamide and other polymeric materials.


History of the JV «AVTOSANOAT-CEPLA» LLC company started in September 2012.The founders of the project are the company "UzAvtoSanoat" Co. LTD (Uzbekistan) and the company «CEPLA Co. LTD »(Korea). "Uzavtosanoat" is the single manufacturer of motor vehicles in the Republic of Uzbekistan, in structure has manufacturers of component parts for the production of CJSC "GM Uzbekistan" and "SamAuto" LLC.  CEPLA Co., Ltd is one of the nominated manufacturers of polymer compounds by "GM Korea" in the Republic of Korea.

Production capacity of our company have  own manufacturing capabilities, which includes the line of production, modern laboratory, storage of raw materials and finished products, staffed with trained production and engineering personnel, all this give us the opportunity to provide our partners with high quality products with the best price and in exactly time (just-in-time delivery).

The main customer of our products are manufacturers of automotive components (automotive applications), household appliances, electrical engineering, construction materials, etc.

Products of JV «AVTOSANOAT-CEPLA» LLC are manufactured on modern equipment by using of advanced technology provided by the Korean partners, of high quality raw materials supplied by the world's largest producers.A leading role in the controlling of the product quality in the company performs by the laboratory which has in its composition modern precision equipment from leading manufacturers (Tinius Olsen, Siemens), which allows to conduct all the necessary tests (physical, mechanical and thermal), also has the ability of independent development of new compounds materials.Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, from receiving of the raw material to finished product packaging.

JV «AVTOSANOAT-CEPLA» LLC is one of the nominated supplier of "GMUzbekistan", and a reliable partner of several companies producing home appliances and building materials in Uzbekistan.We are ready to cooperate, ensuring the reliability and quality of our products. We will be glad to see you among our partners.


Providing the high-quality production of polypropylene compound corresponding to the current trends and quality standards in the global market.

Technical transformation, improvement of technological processes, improve product quality, increase production capacity and technological potential output for the domestic and foreign auto parts manufacturers.

Maintain a leading position in the industry, diversification of production range for different application areas.

Reduce dependency on domestic manufacturers of plastic components from foreign suppliers.

Our investments in technology and product innovations that drive our growth.

Our passion for creating value through innovation, agility, and an unrelenting focus on our customers.